I have not updated you guys for a while. That’s because basically nothing happened in regards of music. I’ve been on tour with my other band yon, which was amazing and I finished exams, so now I’m a full paid employee. 

But a few days ago I grabbed my guitar and started fiddling around with some new ideas, which means that I started writing a new record. I recorded some demos to see how the stuff works out and where I’m about to go with this one.

I finally managed to upload Rupu to Spotify. Have fun while listening.

I just love this guy. He seems to have a very happy live.

Hey everybody.

I said earlier that I will release a new record in may. So this is the cover of the upcoming ep called “Rupu”. It will be released on May 3rd via bandcamp. As always you can share and download for free but you can also give me some money if you are a real insane person ;).

I had a lot of fun writing all those loops and kept it very minimal regarding the number of guitar layers. There are no drums, bass, samples or synths. Just my good old guitar plugged into a delay.

I’m pretty happy with the results. It’s not a very polished record, more like musical bursts, that just popped into my mind and I eventually recorded.

I also like to do things different this time. As kind of a teaser you can already listen to two of the songs and pre-order it if you like, so you get a mail immediately after the actual release on saturday. Since bandcamp doesn’t allow free pre-orders I had to set the price to 1€ for the pre-order.
After the record has been released it will be switched back to “pay what you want”. So if you really want the record as soon as possible and download the first two teaser songs you are able to get this for 1€, which I think is totally fair.

So check out the bandcamp page: http://surroundedbyinfantry.bandcamp.com/album/rupu

New stuff ahead

Signals & Noises did pretty well, I already sold some tapes and the download rate is also very nice.

Currently I’m very busy with job, exam, recording other bands, etc.

But I managed to write some stuff for Surrounded By Infantry in the last weeks. So there will be a new release soon.

Not a whole new album, but a small and nice EP.

Other than that I’m currently trying to develop some new ideas, but this has not a high priority right now.

So I think in may there will be some new stuff to listen to, folks!

First time listening the album on tape. Sounds rad.

Tapes anybody?

To get one of these head over to my bandcamp page at http://surroundedbyinfantry.bandcamp.com

Fresh tunes.

Some physical goods are on the way and will arrive in the next days. More on that later.

Miroist just released his debut album “CURVE” on bandcamp.

It’s name your price and really amazing. Go get it, if you haven’t done so yet.

A friend turned me on this and I’m simply overwhelmed. This is brilliant.

I love Tycho.

The feelings he delivers with his music are just overwhelming.

His next album is down the road. Check him out if you don’t know this awesome electro music yet.

It’s done!

Get your digital copy at Bandcamp or stream it from Spotify.

I’ve made a playlist on SoundCloud, so that you can listen to all of the unused songs and ideas in the correct order.

Without a doubt, this is so far my favorite album in 2014.

Sport really understands to transport a feeling of summer, nostalgia and childhood. If you like 90’s like rock music mixed with emo and indie, that is your band.