New stuff ahead

Signals & Noises did pretty well, I already sold some tapes and the download rate is also very nice.

Currently I’m very busy with job, exam, recording other bands, etc.

But I managed to write some stuff for Surrounded By Infantry in the last weeks. So there will be a new release soon.

Not a whole new album, but a small and nice EP.

Other than that I’m currently trying to develop some new ideas, but this has not a high priority right now.

So I think in may there will be some new stuff to listen to, folks!

First time listening the album on tape. Sounds rad.

Tapes anybody?

To get one of these head over to my bandcamp page at

Fresh tunes.

Some physical goods are on the way and will arrive in the next days. More on that later.

Miroist just released his debut album “CURVE” on bandcamp.

It’s name your price and really amazing. Go get it, if you haven’t done so yet.

A friend turned me on this and I’m simply overwhelmed. This is brilliant.

I love Tycho.

The feelings he delivers with his music are just overwhelming.

His next album is down the road. Check him out if you don’t know this awesome electro music yet.

It’s done!

Get your digital copy at Bandcamp or stream it from Spotify.

I’ve made a playlist on SoundCloud, so that you can listen to all of the unused songs and ideas in the correct order.

Without a doubt, this is so far my favorite album in 2014.

Sport really understands to transport a feeling of summer, nostalgia and childhood. If you like 90’s like rock music mixed with emo and indie, that is your band.


Also, has everybody seen this? My brother’s girlfriend posted this on his wall the other day. I can’t read Japanese so I don’t know the band name or song title, but this video has everything.

This is totally awesome.

Infos about Signals & Noises

I want to give you guys some notes about the upcoming album Signals & Noises.

It will consist of 8 songs and has a playing length of about 40 minutes.

The release date is the 5th of march and (despite the fact that I’m super thrilled) the first release will be digital on bandcamp. As usual this is a “name your price” album, which means that you can download it for free, but includes the option that you can give me some money if you like to.

Not short after the digital release there will be physical copies for worldwide shipping. I’ll tell you more about this, when the stuff arrives, but I hope to get those by the end of march.

Also, this record will be streamable on Spotify (in mid april I guess), the iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play and some other online music stores and streaming portals like Rdio and stuff.

Also I have to say a huge thank you to Christian Villacillo. I discovered him last year and I was amazed by his prints. So just for the sake of doing it I wrote him an email not short after I saw his page, asking him if I could use one of his prints as my album cover for free. I did not really expect much since that guy is one awesome artist and I am just a dude making music for the internet. I’m not even playing live.

But as a surprise for me he was totally willing to do this and sent me some hi-res images. So for those who haven’t seen it yet, this is the album art:


Again I have to say a huge thank you to Christian. Without this amazing art, the whole record wouldn’t be half as good.

The sound and the overall songs will be very different compared to the older EPs. You might have noticed this while listening to the demos or unused song ideas that I posted on SoundCloud. If not, head over to it here.

The reason for this is, that I finally have some decent amp modeling hardware, that is capable of creating distorted guitar tones that do not sound like complete crap.

I recorded the first two EPs completely in the box and only used Logics amp plugin, that did okay on clean tones (by the way, that’s the main reason why I don’t have any bass guitar on those records). So thing are going to be very different this time, but - at least that’s how I feel - much better. I really enjoy these songs (a rare thing).

In this one year and a half I learned a ton about recording, mixing and mastering and still barely scratched the surface. But I gave my best and I think that this record is current for me (regarding the last year). And I’ll definitely will continue with this project..

Finally I want to say, that I’m very proud that I actually finished this thing. There have been many times where I kind of lost faith in this whole undertaking, but now that everything is done, I’m really happy that I did continue working on it.

And in advance I want to thank everybody who will listen to the record, download it (or even paying for it) and spread the word about this thing.

Thank you.

We are at part 5 now.

Head over to soundcloud for the other unused songs I have written for Signals & Noises.

To kind of promote the new album, I decided to release one unused song or song idea that I wrote for the record a day until the 5th of March (which is the release date of the record).

So here’s the first one. It’s one of the first songs I ever recorded for the album.